Have you always wanted to make a movie out of all those raw video clips from your camcorder or phone?

Then let our professional editors compile your memories into amazing movies!

Why you need Vydere
  • Do you want a special movie for your child's birthday?
  • Did you just capture an adventure with your GoPro?
  • Want to share your life stories with your family?
  • Need testimonial or life at work movies edited?
  • Have other video editing needs? We can help!
Vydere Editing Service Platform

Why you should try Vydere

Because we have you covered with quality, price, and experience!

Get Pro Results

Averaging 25 Years of Experience

Our editors are hand picked and have proved themselves to be the very best. We use pr-editors who are experienced producers and editors.

Save Money

Spend it on the Viewing Party

We've streamlined the process and eliminated the wasted time editors charge you. This cost savings are passed directly back to you.

Confident & Easy

Platform made simple

We've worked extensively with our customers and editors to provide the best experience for you. The results will speak for themselves.

Here is how it works from start to finish

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Create Project
Launch Project
Begin Editing
Approve Edited Video
Complete Project

Create Project

Creating a project is free so start by providing us a script and some editing direction, then begin to upload your photos, raw videos, and audio tracks. You can even choose the export format to ensure we know how to best service you.

Once you have finished describing the movie you want us to create and uploaded all the media, you launch the project for our editor to begin reviewing it. With over 25 year of experience, they know what will make the best video.

The editor has everything they need to begin to create your amazing video. This is where they do what they do best and once they have prepared a draft, they will upload it for your review. At any time, you can communicate with your editor.

Are you thrilled with what the editor has created on their first draft? Give them your thumbs up and they will begin preparing your final movie. If not, ask for changes and we'll make your requested revisions for another review.

We'll always provide you with a digital copy to upload onto your own site or YouTube. We also offer BluRay or DVD service that you can play on any TV which we'll ship out shortly after completion! Enjoy!

Package Options for Every Need

Pay when you are ready to launch! Creating a project is free so what are you waiting for?


Professional results on a budget

$ 140 /project

  • 720p High Definition Video
  • Standard Media Upload Limits
  • Upload up to 30 Minutes of Video
  • Upload up to 10 Images
  • Upload up to 2 Audio Clips
  • Final Video Length Under 10 Minutes
  • 3 Weeks Time to Completion
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The right fit for most

$ 300 /project

  • 1080p High Definition Video
  • Upload 1 Hour of Video, 20 Images, 4 Audio
  • Lower Thirds Included
  • Audio Leveling
  • Video Stabilization
  • Final Video Length Under 30 Minutes
  • 2 Weeks Time to Completion
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For the professional who wants it all

$ 800 /project

  • 1080p High Definition Video
  • Upload 3 Hours of Video, 50 Images, 10 Audio
  • Premium Offerings Included
  • Color Correction
  • 30 Minute Chat with the Editor
  • Raw Project Files Included
  • 2 Weeks Time to Completion
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See the results for yourself

How our editor completed the work

Before the editing process began, the video was analyzed for format compatibility with Avid and, in this case, the Editor used the Sorenson Squeeze application to convert the video to the correct format. Then the video was imported into Media Composer for the editing session. The editor played the video several times while monitoring it with an HD TV monitor to get familiar with it and used WVR 5200 to see if it required color correction.

During the edit session the editor applied color correction as needed, and additional visual effects to make this video look more exiting, and at the same time, keeping all important elements of the video requested by the customer. After the edit was completed, it was exported as a Quick Time file, which is an uncompressed video format to preserve the quality of the video, and then, as the customer requested, it was converted with Adobe Media Encoder, to the WebVideo format, so it could be viewed on YouTube. Both Raw (QuickTime) and YouTube Ready (H.264) files were given to the customer.

Tools Used

  • Avid Media Composer
  • Tektronix WVR 5200 Waveform/Vectorscope
  • Avid FX

Video Encoders

  • Sorenson Squeeze
  • Adobe Media Encoder

Edited Video

Final Edited Video

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