The Advantages of Businesses Using Professionally Edited Video

Sep 14, 2016

There are so many applications for including video for your business that you may not even know of. From all sorts of businesses to all sorts of applications, we tell you why it's important to have this professionally edited content today.


How to Make Commercial Ready Videos Using Your Phone (Infographic)

Sep 10, 2016

Want to know how to record professional looking videos using your phone? Take a look at our infographic.


Vydere Update: Improved Project Launch!

Aug 25, 2016

We've introduced enhancements to the current launch functionality that will help you breeze through the transactions.


New Feature: Multi-file Upload

Aug 10, 2016

We've made uploading multiple files easy for you but implementing a new media upload.


How to Make Commercial Ready Videos Using Your Phone

Jul 30, 2016

Hey, guess what? You don't need a large budget and fancy equipment to record a professional looking video for your business. Improve the quality of videos you take on your phone, by following these 10 best practices!