There are so many applications for including video for your business that you may not even know of. From all sorts of businesses to all sorts of applications, we tell you why it's important to have this professionally edited content today.

The business world seems like it changes on an everyday basis, especially when it comes to marketing tactics. If you don't jump on the latest trends when they start gaining speed, you end up left behind by the competition. Today, 78.4 percent of people in the US now watch videos online, with this rapid viewership growth spurred by readily available broadband Internet and 4G mobile data coverage.

Can you afford to ignore a marketing channel that most of your audience uses?

You may be tempted to just pull out your smartphone, shoot an amateur clip and upload it right away. However, that misses one important step — editing. Maybe you don't need a full-fledged studio to create your videos, but every company needs professional video editing. The skill isn't one you can pick up in a few days or weeks; a good editor has the right combination of experience, talent and intuition to create a masterpiece out of your raw footage. We've covered how you can record quality video with just your cell phone (and infographic), but now we'll show you the possible ways you can use it to help grow your business.

Below you'll find some of the businesses that can benefit from having video across their site, affiliates, and other marketing channels. Stay up to date with Vydere as we compile specific details for each of these businesses in the coming months.

Video Editing Benefits for Realtors

You want to sell houses above listing price, and you want to sell them fast. If you rely on still photography alone, you won't stand out in this competitive market. Videos and slideshows let your buyers feel like they're standing in their new home before you even meet them at a showing. You get your properties more attention with a professionally edited video that walks buyers through each place, room by room.

Video Editing Benefits for Restaurants

Do you want to make mouths water when consumers think about your restaurant? Let them see what you have to offer by getting all the video clips of your tantalizing dishes put together in an advertisement. A visual menu helps you convey exactly what's going on the plate — a simple PDF on your website can't do this.

Video Editing Benefits for Wineries

You put countless hours into producing high-quality wine for your customers, so your videos should receive the same care and attention. Professional video editing relays the deep colors of your varieties and the beauty of your vineyards, piquing client interest all the way to your front door.

Video Editing Benefits for Car Dealerships

People may look at a features list when making an initial car selection, but they don't get a sense of what it's like to sit in the driver's seat. Busy schedules make it difficult to test drive every vehicle they consider, so take them for a virtual spin behind the wheel with videos.

Video Editing Benefits for Live Music Venues

Your club brings in the hottest acts in town, but your attendance is lukewarm. You need a way to convey the energy of a great show, and photos won't do it for you. Let your visitors get a taste of the music that fills your halls through professionally edited videos. In these, one song flows into another without missing a beat, allowing you to showcase upcoming events effectively.

User-Friendly Video Recording and Editing

When you're new to creating videos for your business, you don't want to waste a lot of time learning the ins and outs of a complex system. You just want to film your shots, get them pieced together into a cohesive and attractive video, and enjoy your new customers or clients.
The Vydere service streamlines the process so even complete beginners can quickly get set up. Just upload your raw files, audio tracks, photos, script and editorial directions into the easy-to-use tool. After you get everything added to a new project, you launch it to an experienced video editor. Once a draft is created, you can view your clip and provide feedback so it ends up perfect for your needs. When you're satisfied with the results, just approve the project and upload it to your website or video host.

Don't let the benefits of video marketing pass your company by. Get the competitive edge with the help of Vydere's user-friendly video editing service.